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"The staff is easy to talk to. They told me my options without pressuring me into any one direction."

"I love how they look you in the eyes and show they really care and are listening to you."

"Amazing support! I did not feel at all uncomfortable or pressured in any way."

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Pregnancy Resource Center

Regardless of your early pregnancy needs, you have a trusted confidant at the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center (TPPRC). If you’re looking for a pregnancy resource center in San Diego, we provide the services you need in a non-judgmental, safe and confidential environment.

Our early pregnancy clinic provides important and no cost services to woman in San Diego County. Since we opened our doors in 2000, we’ve assisted thousands of women and their family members by providing real and practical solutions when they were facing an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy.

If you need support in a time of uncertainty, contact us at (858) 397-1970 today. Just some of the resources we offer include:

  • Medical services – With medical professionals on staff, including a registered nurse, TPPRC provides pregnancy testing and verification, health assessments, and ultrasounds and other pregnancy services at no cost.
  • Counseling – TPPRC offers a confidential, caring and compassionate atmosphere where you can share your story with other women. We offer genuine, timely and practical solutions, and an opportunity to discuss your next steps. We’ll connect you with the resources and assistance based on your unique situation. Regardless of your age, student status or economic background, Turning Point is here for you.
  • One-on-One Mentorship Programs – TPPRC offers pregnancy wellness programs designed to assist women and men as they enter into a new season in their life. We help you set and attain your goals while juggling being a new parent. Whether its finishing school, post-graduate work, or budgeting finances, we’ve helped hundreds of women and men attain their goals and dreams along with being a new parent. You can do both; we know because we’ve seen it happen!

Unplanned Pregnancy Resources – Find Help at TPPRC

All of the above services are free. Our pregnancy resource center offers no cost, completely confidential services. We understand the situation many women find themselves in, and we’re here to assist in any way possible. Not sure where to turn in a time of crisis? Contact Turning Point today. Our compassionate, experienced staff can help with:

  • Unplanned pregnancies – if you think you might be pregnant but aren’t sure, the first step is a free pregnancy test at our main office or mobile clinic. Like our other pregnancy services, Turning Point provides you with a free pregnancy test. Before deciding on your next steps, a definitive result from a pregnancy test is required. Contact us today to get started – Turning Point provides cost-free, confidential pregnancy tests for all women in San Diego County!
  • Student pregnancies – at Turning Point, we understand the importance of education; we educate and counsel women about pregnancy, parenting and other subjects on a daily basis. Regardless of your current student status – high school, technical or trade school, college or university – Turning Point can help any student involved with an unexpected or unplanned pregnancy. If you think a pregnancy will derail your future plans, think again – Turning Point is here to offer practical, attainable solutions that align with your eventual career goals, all while keeping motherhood fully in focus. Make an appointment for a free pregnancy test today.
  • Abortion counsel – Turning Point is proud to follow a life-affirming culture. Our viewpoint is that every life deserves a chance. That’s why we consider all abortion options, including adoption. If you’re considering an abortion, please contact us today. We’ll talk to you about certain risks associated with abortion, as well as the physical and emotional impact. For women who’ve already had an abortion, we offer a welcome, friendly, non-judgmental environment to discuss your unique situation – including different paths toward recovery and redemption. Nobody is turned away at Turning Point; all women are welcome!

Get help at our pregnancy resource center today. To schedule an appointment with Turning Point’s unplanned pregnancy counselors, or to find out more about the resources available to you, please call our office at 858-397-1970. We also have a Mobile Pregnancy Clinic to reach more women in San Diego County.